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Our Judging Process

A step by step guide to the Northern Ireland Beauty Excellence Awards Judging Process
Ever wondered what goes on during our judging process? Get ready to discover the meticulous process and the dedication of our esteemed judges as we take you through each step of the journey, from when submissions are received to the night of our glamorous Awards ceremony!
1.Submit Your Entry: 

Entrants are invited to submit their entries, providing detailed information about their products or services.

2. Awards Dashboard Closure:

Once the submission period ends (12th April), our awards dashboard closes, and our categories are divided up between our highly esteemed Judging Panel. (Each category has a minimum of two judges) 

3. Independent Review:

Judges independently review each category, meticulously assessing the entries based on predetermined criteria. Scores are recorded and uploaded to our secure database. At this stage, the judges cannot see each others scores.

4. Judging Panel Meeting:

Following the independent review phase, judges meet to discuss each category and its entrants. This collaborative session allows judges to share insights and perspectives, and have in-depth discussions about the candidates’ entries.

5. Resolution of Ties:

In the instance of tied scores, the other judges will take the category under consideration and provide additional input to help reach a consensus. This ensures that all decisions are made with thorough consideration and fairness.

6. Finalisation of Scores:

Once discussions are concluded, scores are finalised, and finalists, winners, and highly commended entrants are determined. This crucial phase marks the culmination of weeks of deliberation and scrutiny.

7. The Results are Locked In:

With judges decisions locked in, our awards dashboard closes, ensuring that all results are securely stored and cannot be altered after this point. Trophies are ordered at this point with our winners names engraved on them -this safeguards the integrity and transparency of the judging process.

8. Notification of Finalists:

Finalists are notified and are given the opportunity to purchase tickets for the prestigious awards night, where they will be honoured for their Excellence in hair, beauty and aesthetics. 

9. Awards Night Celebration:

The highly anticipated awards night arrives, setting the stage for the grand unveiling of the winners. 

Now that you’ve had an insider’s look at how we ensure fairness and Excellence in every aspect of the awards, it’s your moment to step into the spotlight! Whether you’re a seasoned industry pro or a rising star with passion, we invite you to be part of our legacy and submit your entry today!

Deadline for Entries 12th April 2024
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